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   DOubtless... while Britney Spears is considered a diva and all we hear is stuff like «Babe if you give it to me, I give it to you» it’s hard to be a classical ensemble. To have the attitude. Classics is not THAT fresh and chic. Not even as fresh as grandma Cher after her latest liposuction. But from decade to decade number of people all over the world keep believing - classics is immortal. Especially if you perform it the right way. If you can play or sing it right. And we sing it right.

    REsponsibility to create a choir Irina Ivanovna Belavina took in 1990. Back than we were kids and just wanted to sing. As a GAMMA’s female choir called «KLASSIKA» we exist since 1997. During the years «KLASSIKA» won the festival «Days of Slavic culture and Writing», «Moscow region Ultimate Choir show», made a series of soundtracks for channel «ROSSIA», became a so-called »people’s choir«, zillion times fought against acoustics of Chernogolovka’s «Dom Uchenyh» and many, many other halls.

    MIssion of our choir is... to prove that modern busy people who have their mind set on classics EXIST. It’s obvious for everybody - we have no free time due to school, universities, jobs, families, sports, boyfriends and (in some cases) kids - but no matter what twice a week (liar...OK, sometimes once a week... ) everyone who dares to pass by «Gamma’s» windows would hear us singing. Our clear, in-tone angelic singing. Yeah...

    FAme is one thing we don’t really need. Although anyone who actually heard our concerts could say - we are pretty good for non-professional ensemble and deserve to be heard (this is the 3rd year we promise to release a CD. Sorry, guys, not yet... Maybe in autumn. Wanna be a sponsor?) Actually we’ve got some professional musicians - our pianist Nadya Popova, conductor Irina Ivanovna Belavina and Ira Belova (you’ve GOT to listen to her vocal styles!).

    SOLely SOLemn predictability is one thing you won’t find in our repertoire. We sing Russian classics ( Tchaikovskiy, Glinka, Borodin etc.), Orthodox church music, a long list of European composers’ masterpieces (by Mozart, Schutz, Gabrielli, Rossini, Pergolesi, Caplet... ), traditional music from all over the world and even a jazz-opera written especially for our choir. We like different kinds of quality music... For example, we LOVE " LA Fede" Rossini (oh, «La» was a tough one... to squeeze into the text. )

    TIll the moment you hear us you shouldn’t judge the things you’ve just read. Please! Just come and listen to Ukranian «Shedrik» the way we sing it. What if you’d be surprised and would ask for more? And we’ll say «Thank you!!! But good singing is all about DOsage!!!» We are a group of cunning, tricky singing girls. Though our concerts are SO POPULAR among our moms!!!!! Anyway, we hope to see you at our concert! Without YOU it’s no fun for us. And girls just wanna have fun...

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